Hearts fans give their views after the club are again late with players’ wages

WE asked Hearts fans for their views after the players were paid late yet again .

Michael Watson, Liberton: “I don’t think that it’s a huge problem for the players or for the club but it’s a little bit embarrassing that it keeps happening and it fuels all of the rumours about administration again. That probably annoys me more than players having to wait an extra two or three days for their wages to come through.”

Daniel Hunter, Danderhall: “It’s not something that worries me, to be honest. I’ve worked for a few companies who used to pay me late on a fairly regular basis. Of course, it’ll be an irritation to the players but I’m sure that as long as the problem is addressed soon then it won’t cause too much of an issue in the dressing room.”

James Pike, Tollcross: “It’s just a bit unprofessional to continually pay the players late. Hearts and Romanov, in particular, get enough criticism without giving people ammunition to fire at us. These things always seem to happen when we are doing well and it has happened too often now. The club should be run much more efficiently than it has been for the past couple of years.”

Paul Horsburgh, Sighthill: “My biggest concern with the late payment of the wages is the effect that it has on players’ morale. I know that I wouldn’t be too happy at my workplace if I had problems in receiving my wages on time. If it had happened once, it is understandable but it has happened a few times now and the club needs to get it sorted.”

Barry Lewis, Westfield: “I don’t really see the late payment as a big problem. Banks make wee mistakes all the time and with the money being transferred across from banks in Lithuania, you can imagine how easily these problems can occur. If it happened every week, I’d be worried but it’s clearly not like there’s a cash shortage or we wouldn’t be able to resolve the problems so quickly.”

Andrew Shaw, Dalry: “I’m not too bothered about it and I doubt that it really bothers the players that much either. With the kind of money that they are earning, it’s not as if they are scrambling to pay the bills. Whenever this has happened, it has been resolved within a few days. I do think that the club should look into what is causing the glitch, though, and put some proper measures in place to prevent it from happening again because it’s not doing the reputation of the club any good.”

Craig Young, Dalry: “It’s obviously not ideal but I don’t think that it’s a huge issue either. When you put things into perspective, our players having to wait a few days for wages seems pretty insignificant next to the tax bill and other problems that Rangers are having at the moment. I’m not worried by it and I don’t think the end is nigh for Hearts because of this news.”

Sophie Hamilton, Penicuik: “It’s annoying because it just gives our critics an excuse to line up and have a go at Hearts. We inevitably get lots of sensationalist headlines from the Glasgow media and lots of bad publicity that we could do without and I’d rather that we just fixed whatever glitch is causing this to happen.”