‘It is absolutely critical we win the next two games’ - fans react as Hearts sit joint-bottom

Hearts fans weren’t particularly happy online after their team were left joint bottom of the table following the 3-1 defeat at Celtic Park.

Sunday, 25th August 2019, 6:26 pm
Craig Levein saw Hearts suffer defeat at Celtic Park.

As is now routinely the case after any defeat for the Tynecastle side, there was the usual array of “Levein Out” posts among those who are keen to see a change of management.

There were others keen to place the team’s latest setback into some context.

JambosKickback poster Bauld said: “This supposedly poor Celtic team have won their opening 3 league games and scored 15 goals in the process. They have players clubs are willing to shell out over 20 million for. They spend upwards of 5-10 million on single players. I've said it before but you don't go to Celtic park and win just by being good. You win by catching Celtic on a bad day and that is the only hope you have. If you go in at your very best and Celtic turn up as well, you lose. You have to be at your best and hope Celtic take the day off. There is no point in p****ng our pants at today's performance. When it comes to games at Celtic Park you are as well drawing a line under the result and moving onto the next game.”

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Tynecastlesmychurch: “Think the gloom is mostly down to the shocking form we've been in since the start of November. The defeat today just means we have to be on the receiving end of the celtic love-in.”

Campbell added: “I have no problem with this at all, and fully get reasoning for why we are so poor at Parkhead. That said we do the same thing every time we go there, play 5 across the middle and try to hit them on the counter and they are that good the can pass through us, why not go with a different style atleast for the first 20/30 or even a half and see if we can rattle them! It just pans out the same way over and over again it’s like Groundhog Day, let’s be honest if Celtic wanted to it could have been more again today.”

1971fozzy: “Celtic will trounce every team at Parkhead with maybe Sevco exempt. 3-1 defeat there, whilst not good, is going to be eclipsed by many poundings they give out.”

Deevers added: “Fully accept that Celtic are way out in front in terms of the quality of player they have at their disposal. It’s been like that for a few years now. I just wish though that we would go there with some ambition. We play a defensive game every time. They expect it. It would be nice to see us start a game there fully on the front foot and pressure them.”

Grumpyespana responded: “If we played gung-ho we would get hammered 7-0.”

OTT posted: “I'm genuinely trying my best not to have an OTT kneejerk reaction, but how many seasons have we had to write off because of things not being quite right? Cathro’s first, Cathro’s 2nd (Levein taking over), Levein’s 2nd. Call me demanding, but I actually want a season where we get a finish based on the merits of the squad, not one packed with excuses about injuries, poor management, stadium building impacting the squad, etc etc. I do not believe as manager Levein can take us any further forward. He should source a replacement and move back upstairs.”

Captain Sausage: “As I said a couple of weeks ago just after the County affair, Levein was going to be under massive pressure come Accies in the next home game. I didn’t expect us to win away at Fir Park but that’s bought him a slight reprieve from most. No one in their right mind expects a result at Celtic Park but my point is probably still pretty accurate. It is absolutely critical that Hearts win the next two home games. Anything less and I just cannot see how he continues as Hearts boss.”

On Twitter, @neilpat51277475 posted: “Wasn’t expecting much today, Forster should have been sent off and the injury jinx hits again.”

@JamboMalc added: “It's been a tough start but we have the opportunity to pick up a fair few points in the next run of fixtures.”