'This team? Pitiful' 'Wonder what Craig Levein thinks of all this' - Hearts fans react angrily to derby dismay after loss to Hibs

Hearts fans were once again understandably irate with what they saw as Hibs won 2-0

Thursday, 26th December 2019, 4:10 pm
Updated Thursday, 26th December 2019, 4:11 pm
Ann Budge came in for criticism after the derby defeat. Picture: SNS

@Benm501: "Wonder what Craig Levein thinks of all this"

@meestah_sahmon: "It'll be a riot for Hearts to try to sell players in January before being able to buy new ones; "Good evening Sir, I'm phoning from Heart of Midlothian & you've been selected as the winner of our fabulous French Midfielder Giveaway! Loic Dam...hello? Sir?""

@Amoruso1998: "The stubbornness of AB to make the right call this summer has led us to this point. She needs to step up now and cleanse the club of the men responsible for recruiting this team. Until this happens the club will struggle to fight this relegation battle"

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Hearts fans were irate after Hibs loss. Picture: SNS

@DBruntz14: "We need a Romanov style January with about 400 signings."

@HeartsRant: "No one on here is even trying to exercise any collective might to make our thoughts clear to Budge. Even the half-time ‘ovation’ was meek. We’re all still resigned to Levein & MacPhee recruiting again in January. No - enough. Get them both out along with Daly, Fox and Gallagher."

@JamboAngela: "I can accept being beaten by a better team but I will not accept a lack of effort. There are former players who would love another crack at this fixture. There are 16,000 fans who would give their right arm to full on the jersey for free. This team? Pitiful."

@gary_brown98: "Bin every single one of them bar Michael Smith. Imposters"

@smclean1986: "Missed opportunity for Hibs, could have really humiliated Hearts today"

@BryMillan: "Ann Budge, thank you for saving our beloved club but it’s time for you to go too. Your blind loyalty to the clown Levein has sadly blackened everything you have done. The squad we were forced to use during our admin season was far better than the dross we have now"

@eldoflem: "Wrong manager has been appointed. We needed someone to get basics done well Stendel needed a team with players."

@Deggs2012: "I sincerely hope there is a plan in place to help the manager (previous manager and coach retention is both baffling and bizarre, why they are still there is beyond me), a possible plan B and a relegation contingency plan. Ann Budge Legacy under severe pressure now."

@gwlsn: "Absolutely shocking. The vast majority of these players don't deserve to wear the Jersey."

@robertevans97: "Squad is useless Stendel needs to do a masterclass in January or we are going down simple"

@UrsoPardo37: "My 7yo son has just told me the only thing Hearts are good at is losing. Very poor again at home today"

@CraigW1874: "Worst Hibs team I’ve seen in years and we can’t lay a glove on them!!"

@barrett_steve: "It’s the hope that things can improve that kills us. This mess will take more than a season to put right. We won’t be able to get anyone out in January so I can’t see many changes during the transfer window."

@Stephen89171413: "Better second half but still not a team that is going to get us out this relegation battle! Feel sorry for the manager! Still trust in him but we really need to sort out every department! Build from the back! Start with a keeper with confidence! Heart break again, Sick of it!!"

@Thommo_lee: "This is going to be some documentary, eh!!!"

@ToastGeschmack: " That is disgraceful... Even though we should have had 2 penalties we didn't deserve anything but getting beat... Relegation incoming"

Mark Richards: "Think we fielded 11 Scrooge’s today they just don’t wanna play for us no commitment no ambition change is badly needed"

Paul Bethune: "If nothing changes we are going down."