'Out of order', 'Huge concerns' - Hearts fans rage at 'honking' performance in 3-2 defeat to Raith Rovers

Hearts fans were left in a tizz after seeing their side lose 3-2 to Raith Rovers.
Hearts fans were unhappy with their team's performance in defeat to Raith Rovers. Picture: SNSHearts fans were unhappy with their team's performance in defeat to Raith Rovers. Picture: SNS
Hearts fans were unhappy with their team's performance in defeat to Raith Rovers. Picture: SNS

@MartinTaylor9: “We cannot continue to give away, cheap and sloppy goals nearly every game. The performance today was no different from many of the other games this season, with the difference being that Raith took their chances.”

@RFBorthwick: “Appalling result and Raith absolutely deserving of their win, yet we still made enough clear chances to score 5 or 6. Jamie MacDonald and Kai Kennedy best players on the pitch. When even Michael Smith has a nightmare you know it’s been a s***er. Hearts’ best centre-half pairing is Michael Smith and Stephen Kingsley, isn’t it.”

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@lawrencebroadie: “Hearts now in a fifth year of mediocrity. Soft centred, budgets wasted, and supporters let down. This last few years could have been glorious. Team probably will win the league, but they’re in no shape for what’s next. You can carp on about demotion, removal from league. But was that team going to survive - no chance. They were finished that night at St Mirren. Years of poor, ill thought out, decisions. Absolutely no strategy or culture.”

@lewismckenzie_: “We were bound to f*** it today after so much good news in the last few weeks. Head in my hands for 90 minutes.”

@ThisMyStoryPod: “There is no defending that. Our 3 challengers this season, Dundee, Dunfermline and Raith, lost to all 3. Unacceptable. Naismith brings nothing to the table. Berra/Halkett are a big worry, Popescu has errors in his game. Halliday doesn’t do anything. We play with wingers and then don’t get the ball wide to them. We’ve been honking for weeks and are only getting away with it due to the Vida League. Robbie won’t have to answer for 3 defeats to our 3 main rivals in the league. There is no pressure from above. Everyone at senior level in the club just happy that Budge has a pal in the dug out again. Dundee, Dunfermline, Raith, Alloa all beaten us now. Simply not good enough.”

@HeartsRant: “Huge concerns about this team. Miles away from being acceptable. Just as well there are no supporters in the ground, as it’d have been a torrent of abuse for each of them. And rightly f*****g so. Sort it.”

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@perthtopaisley: “I’d understand if we lost away, given some of our poor performances on the road. But to lose to Raith Rovers at Tynecastle, after giving them a three goal head start and two penalties, is out of order at a club of this stature. Get yourselves to ****.”

@maroonspecs: “Third goal today exposed pretty much every weakness in our defence. Popescu doing what Popescu does best and giving the ball away for the nth time in his Hearts career, with Halkett towing a caravan in pursuit of Kennedy. Embarrassing.”

@AaronFraser37: “I’m not saying they’re miracle workers, but there would be no harm in playing the youngsters instead of loaning them out or not giving them a chance over some of the dross we’ve signed this season.”

@quesomin: “Honking. There's no hiding from this one. It's firmly at Neilson’s door. Big performances needed on Tuesday and next Saturday and the manager will be in the stands as he's been sent off for arguing with the ref.”