'Promotion will elicit a shrug', 'Embarrassing', 'omnishambles' - Hearts fans far from happy after 1-1 draw with Queen of the South

Hearts fans were left angry and despondent after witnessing an inadequate performance as the team struggled to a 1-1 draw with lowly Queen of the South.
Hearts were disappointing in their draw with Queen of the South. Picture: SNSHearts were disappointing in their draw with Queen of the South. Picture: SNS
Hearts were disappointing in their draw with Queen of the South. Picture: SNS

@HeartsRant: “Dreadful. A mere 9 wins away from a league title and serving up absolute dross. Embarrassing and nowhere near good enough.”

@MatthewHarold83: “Embarrassing performance from Hearts. Neilson better not use the referee as an excuse. That was complete dross.”

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@HeartsGoals: “That’s the worst Hearts performance I’ve seen since last weekend.”

@TalkinTynie: “Hardly played well this season which is an embarrassment in itself. Already lost 3 league games, labouring to a point tonight at Queens and were papped out of the cup by Alloa.”

@maroonspecs: “This season - and I can't stress this enough - has been a massive f****** slog and I'm already looking forward to it being over so I can have my Friday nights back. Can count the number of games I've enjoyed on one hand. Promotion will elicit no more than a shrug at this rate.”

@FegBizet: “Hearts have acquired 5 wingers so far this season (Five!) – and as things stand, all have been disappointing. So much possession without troubling their goalkeeper. Side to side, side to side. Teams with a small fraction of our budget frustrating us, mixing it with us, easily.”

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@Amoruso1998: “Every post match interview after a challenging match and poor result tends to always revolve around external factors out-with of RN control having the biggest impact.

"Maybe he is protecting the players but that's not on and its clear that tactic is not paying off.

“For what it's worth I am still all for seeing what RN can achieve long term as I believe there is still a pungent wiff of complacency from the previous regime to eradicate but away form this season has been awful.”

@NJJarvie: “Unacceptable performance, on and off the pitch. If that was under Levein we’d be going nuts. Next season will be fun…”

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@knowledgeisall: “The first half was frustrating at the lack of final ball and annoying for the penalty decision. The second half was downright shambolic, easily the worst 45 minutes all season. An omnishambles. I'll take the point, but it was a point stolen.”

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