Queen Elizabeth II dies: Hearts fans react to disruption during minute's silence

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, a minute’s silence was held at Tynecastle prior to the second half of Hearts’ Europa Conference League clash with İstanbul Başakşehir.

However, there soon followed disruption with some interrupting the silence, followed by a backlash from other sections with both sets ultimately being booed for their actions by the larger crowd.

Here’s how fans reacted to the situation on popular forum Jambos Kickback...

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Diego10: “Some people were shouting abuse about her. Then people booed that. Then people sang GSTQ [God Save The Queen] for....reasons, then people booed that. They're literally all morons, sorry.”

Both sides take part in a minute's silence after the announcement of the Queen passing away during the Europa Conference League match between Hearts and Istanbul Basaksehir at Tynecastle. Picture: SNS

William H. Bonney: “Although the booing was aimed at morons disrupting the silence it will be seen as hearts fans booing the queen. Also, to make matters worse, in the likely event that all weekends games are cancelled, we'll have been the only Scottish fans to have had the opportunity to pay our respect, which ultimately we failed. Not a good look.”

Hood09: “Sad time to be a Hearts fan with the on field performance but that’s the first time I have been embarrassed by our own fans. Shocking people can’t pay respects and just observe a minute silence.”

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Jambo-Jimbo: “How can we ever criticize other teams supporters for disrespecting a 1 minutes silence, when some in our own support can't respect one either. Totally embarrassed themselves but more importantly the club all over Europe & the World.”

viva hate: “Disgusting behaviour from grown adults but we have to stop having these silences. Society has never been more polarised on issues of Religion, monarchy etc so we'll always get some drunk moron(s) with a different opinion poisoning the crowd. Minutes silence for Club legends only.”

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mscjambo: “I'm not a monoarchist. If I had my way I'd have it abolished. But for me I was able to stand and shut my mouth for 60 seconds. It doesn't mean I will be rushing to lay a floral tribute etc....but its about being able to be respectful for 60 seconds.”

jambo1975: “Did seem a bit daft to have the silence at the start of the 2nd half. Would be interesting to find out if this was a club or Uefa decision. Regardless it was farcical. Craig Gordon thought when the ref blew his whistle that was the end of it and started running back to his goal.”

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tian447: “So it's okay to loudly scream boo during a minutes silence, because you are actually booing at what someone else has done during that minutes silence. I'm sure people will understand the context immediately without any explanation and that the media will report it any other way. "No, no, I wasn't booing the silence, I was booing that guy over there.””

allystrachan: “I’m pretty sure there will be a lot of clubs in Scotland who will have issues with a minutes silence for the queen. There’s always going to be divided opinion from supporters on something like this.”

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Different Class: “At least tonight shone a light on the real problem – that a significant number of Hearts fans think they go to the football partly in order to represent a set of beliefs, whatever they happen to be.”

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