Queen Elizabeth II dies: Minute's silence at Tynecastle during Hearts and İstanbul Başakşehir game cut short by referee

A minute’s silence held at Tynecastle following the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II has died had to be cut short due to shouting and booing from the crowd.

The match between Hearts of Midlothian and İstanbul Başakşehir, which kicked off at 5.45pm, was about to enter its second half when Buckingham Palace released the statement at 6.30pm.

A minute’s silence held at the beginning of the second half descended into chaos after some fans began shouting obscenities – in response to which many booed.

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Other fans began singing ‘God Save The Queen’ but that too was met with booing from the crowds.

A minute's silence held for The Queen at Tynecastle had to be cut short

The referee was then forced to cut the silence short.

Many took to social media to blast the “shocking behaviour”.

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One person described it as “disgusting” while another fan said it was an “absolute disgrace”.