'Rotten to the core' - Hearts fans react to miserable 5-0 defeat to Rangers

The Hearts support had their say on what was a demoralising defeat to Rangers at Ibrox

Sunday, 1st December 2019, 6:24 pm
Updated Sunday, 1st December 2019, 6:42 pm

@Benm501: “Every member of the Hearts coaching staff should be told tonight to stay away from the club for good, absolute embarrassment that’s went on to long, the club is rotten to the core”

@Fugs_Life: “Get Hearts in the bin”

@maroonspecs: “Sincerely hope there's a managerial announcement tomorrow. Tailspinning into the abyss as it stands.”

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@lawrencebroadie: “At Hearts current rate of points 0.78 per season, the club will accrue less points than they did in 2013-14 when relegated. Squad value that season £800k. This season £8m. That season 38 points (then take 15 off for administration penalty). This season would squeeze 30 points.”

Chris Tucker: “Announce stendel. Need some stability and direction in this team.”

Alan Templeton: “We are a complete shambles and laughing stock with a tough fight to avoid relegation or a playoff place.

Budge must take the blame for this mess thanks to 3 major mistakes.

1. Appointing Levein manager.

2. Allowing Levein to be DOF and manager- an absolutely ludicrous situation.

3. Sticking with Levein when it was obvious that the team was in free fall and Levein was clueless.”

William Sutherland: “Never been so glad to see a Hearts game finish. Whoever gets the managers job at the club has a lot of sorting out to do. There are many players in that team not up to playing for Hearts. Would say after the way the team was setup today McPhee is not suitable to be our next manager.”

Stewart Paterson: “Absolutely hopeless. Still waiting to see what McPhee brings to the club. Constantly hear how great he is but these last 12 months have been disgraceful under Levein and him”

Rob Brogan: “What an absolute joke!!! Why have we not got a manager!!! Are we waiting until we have no chance of staying up..... we are on course to go down now and it’s like no one is bothered.”

@HeartsRant: “Disgraceful. Almost all of them stealing a wage.”

@ViewfromGorgie: “New management team in the morning please, @JamTarts”

@ConorElen_16: “It’s fine we’ve got an award winning stadium and sell out hospitality most weeks, that’s the most important thing”

@BryMillan: “Embarrassment. Club and players need to take a long hard look at themselves for the state of affairs.”

@PerthToPaisley: “If you dare post another commercial tweet before one about appointing a manager you will not see me back at Tynecastle Park this season. Absolute disgrace for the poor lot that went through to represent us. Shambles.”

@smclean1986: “I’d be embarrassed if I even cared anymore”

@jambof3tornado: “Budge is the one person who could have prevented this becoming the shambles that it has. Her blind faith in Levein has damaged us for the foreseeable future. Stuck with players on 4 year contracts that simply are not good enough. The sooner she leaves the better.”

@Kenny_Miller51: “Cancel December please”

@allanmck_: “5 games without a manager, woeful team selections, coaching staff need gone and half of the squad doesn’t deserve a shirt!!”

@Pez_9: “Looking forward to winning the Championship next season at least. Whole club is a complete embarrassment!!”

@andyyoung1874: “The longer Budge holds off the more ridiculous we are looking as a club. I am so concerned right now as usually when a manager leaves things pick up but it’s getting worse. Is Craig still picking the team and MacPhee is merely a puppet? Common budge sort this mess NOW”

@DRG1874: “Absolutely damning that this scoreline doesn't even register disappointment or surprise anymore. Totally expected.”

@DavSmidy: “What a waste of a day, not worth the time & money, I probably put in more effort to get here than any of players did on the park.”

@clairo_13: “Nobody is even surprised. That tells you all you need to know. Gutless, and have been for years. Huge change required, clear out from top to bottom.”