11 classic Hibs strips we've seen since 1991 - including home and away tops

Looking back at old Hibs home and away strips

Did you own any of these classic Hibernian strips? Or does the mere sight of them take you back to a moment in your past, whether that be happy or sad, not even necessarily on the football pitch?

We’ve taken a look back into the recent past when clubs only had two strips each season, home and away. And until around the turn of the century most clubs kept a strip for two seasons, with some bringing out a new away strip and a new home strip in alternate years. While football clubs now release at least three, often four official strips per season, the special feeling of having your favourite team’s latest kit has inevitably worn off for many, with classic tops still taking you back to a certain moment in your life.

Take a look at some classic Hibs tops from 1991 through to 2016.