'Can we all come round and watch Time for Heroes on the big screen?' - Hibs fans react to Ron Gordon's vision

Hibs fans have reacted to the vision on social mediaHibs fans have reacted to the vision on social media
Hibs fans have reacted to the vision on social media | other
Hibs supporters have their say following announcement of long-anticipated vision

Scott Millar said: "Very impressive vision but it also has a lot of substance and credibility. I was blown away by his enthusiasm tonight on what the club can achieve."

Another fan said: "Great - really hope a solution can be found for singing section and to fill up the Famous Five stand as empty seats and no atmosphere isn’t what Easter Road is about. Also better food and stadium improvements are exciting to look forward to."

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Iain Armour added: "We are in great hands and looking forward to a bright future."

One supporter said on Twitter: "Brilliant AGM and the presentation by Ron was excellent, a club with great ambitions and great leader to fulfil them... Looking forward to seeing the refreshed Easter Road."

Nick M was particularly taken with one aspect of the vision: "Anyone else hear him say we’re getting ‘ribbons’ which in stadia terms, are those electronic boards that run the length of the stands between the tiers? Swanky!"

Graeme Shaw had a request: "After the huge screen is installed can we all come round one night and watch 'Time for Heroes' together please?"

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Chaz Gary Finlayson said: "Sounds promising - let's hope he can deliver, the real growth comes from a successful team on the pitch, the screens etc would be good but success draws the crowds... that said, I'm optimistic about our future."

Barry Hunter added: "He needs to look at investing into the youth academy. Not enough players progressing in to the top team for the amount of years we’ve had HTC."

Gordon McLeod was impressed: "Went to last night’s AGM not knowing what to expect from Ron. Came away encouraged by what I heard. Obvious priority is to get team sorted and performing well but it was good to hear plans that would move HFC onwards. If there is no ambition then we stagnate."

Derek Wilson admitted: "Even for an old cynic like me, that was the best AGM I've ever been to."

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James Nisbet wrote: "Ron's vision for the club was impressive, he made me walk out of [the meeting] with a good feeling about the future."

Paul Ferguson joked: "No mention of a helipad, come on Ron, get it sorted!"

Scott Craig Garriock added: "Get it right on the park and you'll get it right on the terracings."

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