'Could be a cult kit in years to come' - Hibs fans react to bold new home kit

A bold design for the new Hibs home shirt had tongues wagging among fans and certainly divided opinion amongst the Easter Road fanbase.

By Peter Wales
Thursday, 16th June 2022, 12:17 pm

@Gramo1875 pointed out: “2021/22 Map of Edinburgh, 2022/23 Stadium… Theme seems to be getting closer and closer to club… 2023/24 Ron Gordon’s face.”

Chris Gallagher reasoned: “Pretty nice if you like that whole shadow design thing. Not for me personally but that's not to say it's a bad shirt by any stretch. The beauty is, for those who aren't a fan, there are plenty of quality retros.”

Euan Boyle tweeted: “Horrendous. Bring back bottle green with a collar.”

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Craig Hamilton added: “Wow, that’s absolutely honking.”

Isla Smith wrote: “Hmmmm... looks like one of those mock-ups sold in tartan tat shops.”

Darren Keenan said: “If that’s the home kit, I’m dreading the away one.”

Gary Small appreciated it: “I think that’s really smart.”

The new Hibs home kit elicited a lot of reactions from supporters. Picture: Alan Rennie

Shaun Corrigan chipped in: “Not to be dramatic or anything but that’s absolutely rank.”

Dan Thomson observed: “Does look better worn than just the photo of it. The sooner we ditch the background displays the better though. Much rather a simple design personally.”

Tony Hepburn joked: “At least we will look good when relegated!”

William Henderson suggested: “The fakes being circulated last week were 100 times better.”

David Gilmour added: “I think I like it, not sure though.”

Alex Forbes was impressed: “Brilliant that Joma are actually going for it and not just doing templates.”

Tony Swanson claimed: “better than the Motherwell and Tottenham tops I saw yesterday.”

Lewis Hansborough felt he was in the minority: “Is it just me who likes it?”

Gregor Gilmore liked it: “It’s green, it’s white, it’s bloody dynamite. Hopefully a winning strip.”

Alana Kaja wanted to know: “Why do all you grown men care anyway? I thought it was frowned upon for males over a certain age to wear a strip.”

Jamie Brodie added: “That looks a tremendous top! Might have to even get myself one.”

Paul Morton had a view: “The more I see it the more I like it. Some folk just want the same old boring plain s**** every year, eh? Could be a cult kit in years to come. 10/10 for the added white in the top this year too.”