Hibs fans react: "Gordon taking us backwards, Manager must go; Fallen so quickly; Totally unacceptable; Embarrassing"

What the Hibs fans said after the 3-0 Scottish Cup defeat by Hearts at Easter Road.

@jimpurdie: “As always, terrible. Midfield hopeless, manager out of his depth, defence a joke. Players who are quick but slow to read a game. Can't see any improvement coming either.”

@Harry_McArthur: “Expected. Loser manager gets you loser results. One sub being made after 70 minutes, when we're already 2-0 down, is so far from acceptable. A lot of those players need to hang their heads in shame. Ridiculous how far we've fallen so quickly since finishing third.”

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@grievesy101: “I can see Johnson digging out this thesaurus to find more David Brent style words. He really should have been having a go at himself weeks ago. 6-0 over 2 games in a matter of weeks to your biggest rivals. He needs to go!”

@mattjg89: “Surely the excuse of ‘we can’t be seen as a sacking club’ is not enough to keep LJ in the job any longer? There has to be better out there. Also, is it time to cut our losses with Magennis? Sadly, we can’t depend on him…”

@62Sauzee: “Amazing achievement by Lee Johnson, 9 months in and he’s failed to improve ANY aspect of the team: defence/midfield/goalscoring all worse than when he came in. Out both the cups in the first round, pumped in the derbys and can’t win a big game to save himself.”

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@HibsCentral: “I don’t really blame LJ for today (I don’t think he’s the man for the job either though) but the problems run far deeper than him. The Gordons are taking us backwards at an alarming rate. It’s time to get them out!”

@KWR07: “Lee Johnson is garbage and Ben Kensell is worse. They both need to go. Along with Ian Gordon. Ron needs to consider selling up too. It’s totally unacceptable. Season ticket renewals will rightly be woeful!”

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Hibs fans are losing patience with manager Lee Johnson and the club hierarchy. Picture: Craig Williamson / SNS

@yekimevol: “Can you believe the decline in the last 18 months? Record points total, 3rd place finish, cup final & semi final that we failed to capitalise on. Now, three and a half horrific transfer windows later to a squad that failed to get top six last season and is now four wins in 14 games.”

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@Lee_Waton: “Fact is, Hearts have invested money in their squad and the likes of the pitch. Our owner is too busy doing up the hospitality suites that no-one is gonna use due to the performances on the park. But it’s cool, Ron will make sure we sign another 18 year old from an obscure league soon.”

@KyleRob1988: “Embarrassing from the club! Taken 21 days to make a single signing when the squad is clearly not strong enough!”

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@DeanDeanoc1988: “When you pass up on the chance of players like Steven Fletcher & Robert Snodgrass in the summer & sign Harry McKirdy & James Jeggo instead – you deserve to get stung. Focus for Hibs this season now is avoiding relegation and either including young talent or closing the academy.”

@kennymclean1875: “I’ll never understand why we have the the best young kids team in the country on results but they don’t get a sniff at the first team. That’s pretty shameful in my opinion, especially when the cost is so high and the kids can’t do any more than they have to get a chance.”