Hibs World Cup travellers racking up air miles on national service

Four players crossing continents during close season

Hibs players are scheduled to report back to East Mains for pre-season training in exactly three weeks’ time. But you’d have to think that a few of the current squad will be given an extra day or two to rest and recuperate.

Looking at some of the air miles and travel time about to be clocked up by a quartet of international footballers travelling to all four corners of the globe, it’s only right that Martin Boyle, Rocky Bushiri, Jojo Wollacott and Nathan Moriah-Welsh be afforded a little leeway. If not all of them are expected to get significant game time in World Cup qualifiers across three different FIFA confederations, the travelling alone is likely to prove exhausting.

With none scheduled to be back in Scotland until June 12 at the earliest, just nine days before day one – all going to plan – of the new manager’s reign, timings are going to be tight, to say the least. Removing time travelling to and from airports, changing flights and hanging around departure lounges, here is how the travel plans for the four break down:

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