Celtic's win over Nomme Kalju boosted Scotland's UEFA ranking - here's what it might mean for Scottish clubs in Europe

Ryan Christie scores Celtic's second in their 5-0 win over Nomme KaljuRyan Christie scores Celtic's second in their 5-0 win over Nomme Kalju
Ryan Christie scores Celtic's second in their 5-0 win over Nomme Kalju
Celtic's 5-0 win over Estonian champions Nomme Kalju in the UEFA Champions League second qualifying round boosted Scotland's co-efficient and may have a positive impact for Scottish clubs in Europe.

After last night, Scotland are up to 19th in the UEFA country coefficient rankings, with Switzerland dropping to 20th. With three clubs left in European competition this season - Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers - Scotland has a chance to boost its coefficient even further.

Scotland's current UEFA coefficient is 20.125, putting them within touching distance of 18th-placed Serbia (20.750) and Croatia (21.000) in 17th.

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If Aberdeen and Rangers record victories this evening against Chikhura Sachkhere and Progres Niederkorn respectively, that will further boost the co-efficient. In simple terms, the longer Scottish clubs stay in Europe, the better the country's co-efficient.

Why does this matter?

With European club competitions undergoing a revamp from the 2021/22 season, including the introduction of a Europa League 2, the final ranking at the end of the 2019/20 season could have a big impact on how many clubs from each country compete in Europe from 2021/22 onwards.

Countries ranked between seventh and 15th in the final table will be allocated two Champions League qualifying places and three Europa League places - meaning a fifth Scottish club could enter Europe.

In terms of total co-efficient won last season, Scotland finished tenth overall - beating countries such as Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Sweden and Turkey - thanks to Celtic and Rangers reaching the Champions League and Europa League group stages, and Hibs' run to the Europa League third qualifying round.

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So far this season (before Aberdeen face Chikhura Sachkhere and Rangers take on Progres Niederkorn), Scotland are sitting in sixth place.

If Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers can keep up their form in Europe, there could well be an additional Scottish club entering the club competitions come the 2021/22 season,.