'Hopefully this is an eye opener' - fans react to Hearts' struggle to sell tickets for Hibs game

With around 800 Hearts tickets still available for Sunday's derby at Easter Road, supporters have had their say on the struggle to sell the briefs.

Thursday, 25th April 2019, 3:05 pm
Updated Thursday, 25th April 2019, 3:15 pm
Hearts fans at Easter Road. Picture: SNS

@rachel_cairnie: "Everybody getting all arsey cause we’ve not sold our allocation think it might have more to do with the fact that the final tickets also go on sale tomorrow and Tuesday is the last day for season ticket renewals? Lot of money for some people to be paying out!"

@CraigNicolson8: "Get behind your team it’s a derby anything can happen ffs I’d take a last min goal just to win Mon the Jambos."

@marsh_ross: "I can't remember a derby recently needing to go to a general sale. Sums up the apathy surrounding the team right now I'm afraid."

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Hearts fans at Easter Road. Picture: SNS

@tonymurray51: "Message is clear enough is enough but club won't listen."

@51hmfc: "Hopefully this is an eye opener!"

@jambomiller79: "Disbelief that we didn’t sell out and having tickets remain for general sale, clearly people don’t want to go anymore. I’ve got my ticket and will be supporting the Jambos."

@jmbfn: "The fans appear to be letting their feelings known."

@gavinwallace30: "The fact there’s even a general sale to sell out 3400 derby tickets should tell you exactly the feeling among the support."

@LewisBroadie: "Hundreds, maybe thousands, of the club’s most loyal supporters have chosen to not attend a Derby. If anything sums up the malaise it’s this. Must be 16+ years since I went there and we didn’t fill the allocation."

@BigC1874: I pick and choose my away games as I’m trying to get a deposit together to get on the ladder, but I never miss a derby. We are poor right now & I’m less confident than I’ve been for a while, but we battered them at home 3 weeks ago & didn’t get the rub. As always, bring them on!

@JimmyMaccusker: "If you are unhappy with what is going on at the club then how else do you voice your concerns and force change? Surely not attending is the best way to do that. I don’t see how that makes you any less loyal than others."

@keljack94: "I can't go as the very little dosh I have at the end of the month is going towards buying the final tix on Fri. Imagine a few people would be in the same boat, especially with expense of semi."

Jambos1983: "I'm going but I understand why folk don't want to. I'm looking forward to the day out more than the game."

Chris MacFarlane: “I never miss these games usually! But I’m not going to spend my money watching the *** that Levein puts out. I hope I’m wrong and we get a result but I genuinely don’t think we’re good enough at the minute.”

Neil Reid: "l was going to go and get tickets yesterday. Then I realized I would be watching a half hearted performance from the team. So money better spent on a tin of dulux and time to watch it dry."

Darren Priestley: "They’ll sell no problem honestly ppl would think we’re the worst fans in the world. Ppl have final tickets to buy too."

Campbell Scott: "Wonder if Levein and Anne budge have taken note, fans not happy the way Levein running the playing side."

Pete Barrie: "We’ve had far worse sides than the current mob. You support the team through thick and thin, or at least that used to be the way. Bunch of greeting faced whinging ******** these days."

Mort: "Some people clearly cant grasp the fact that fans don't want to attend a game that has no real bearing on our season. They can say a derby is never meaningless but this is about as meaningless as they come for us. League season is over regardless of the result."

Wham Bam Austin McCann: Madness that some Hearts fans moan at others for not attending, rather than directing their moans at the reason why. We are playing awful football. If you want to work a few hours at work and then use that money to attend and watch boring football that is up to you but be aware it won't change. The fans who aren't going have obviously had enough and want changes.

The Frenchman Returns: "I'm presuming that Hearts want these tickets sold and out of the way before a very busy Friday and Saturday in the ticket office. Anyway I have so many excuses for not going including

- no money

- c**p performances

- son is working

- stupid KO time

- hate ER

- doctors orders to lay off booze

So I bought 2 tickets last night

Sexton Hardcastle: Some of the best victories down there are when we are playing shite, written off before kick off and with rows of empty seats in the away end.