Mickey Weir: My advice to James Scott and Drey Wright after fans booed substitutes

Hibs fans were once again united in delight of their team winning following Saturday’s win over Ross County, though there was a moment in the match that's since caused a bit of division.

As James Scott and Drey Wright entered the pitch as second-half substitutes in the 2-0 win there were some sections of the crowd who jeered their introduction.

It’s a unfortunate incident and not something any player wants to hear. But, to be brutally honest, that's happened in football ever since I've been involved in the sport. Players have been booed on, booed off. It's a shame, but it's just what football is like.

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The only advice I can give as a former player is you've just got to try and blank it all out. Get on with playing your game and try and turn the opinion around. You've just got to get the fans onside with a good performance or two. As long as they're working hard then they can turn it around. They can still get the supporters to appreciate them more.

James Scott in possession for Hibs during the win over Ross County with Drey Wright behind him and Chris Cadden in the distance. Picture: SNS

When you're at big clubs then these things can happen. It's not a nice thing to hear and I know myself it's not a nice thing to say, but you just have to deal with it. You've got to be mentally tough.

You've got to try and turn it into a positive if you can; use it to make yourself more determined to prove the critics wrong and get the support united behind you.

Speaking of positive mindsets, I’d like to see the team as a whole adopt it when the league leaders come to Easter Road this Sunday.

Believing you can win the game is crucial when you're playing against Celtic. If you're just expecting them to come and dominate possession then that's what is going to happen. It'll be a long day if that's the case.

We should be looking to have a real go. After all, as football players you're there to try and win football matches. They've got weaknesses just like any other football club and when you're prepared to take risks against the Old Firm then you will create chances. The players need to do themselves justice by being positive.

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