Scottish footballers won't play behind closed door unless guidelines change, says PFA Scotland's Liam Craig as plan is to finish the current season

Closed door games are being ruled out by players

By Joel Sked
Wednesday, 1st April 2020, 1:53 pm

PFA Scotland chairman Liam Craig has ruled out playing behind closed doors.

With a commitment from Uefa and the European leagues to finish the current campaign, solutions are still being sought as to how they do so.

Closed door games is one idea which has been mooted since the coronavirus outbreak with the Champions League and Europa League finals expected to be played out in front of now fans, according to the Independent.

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Scottish players have ruled out playing behind closed doors. Picture: SNS

But St Johnstone’s Craig believes is is not even worth the conversation at the moment unless Government guidelines change.

The ex-Hibs midfielder said: “We made that decision as players and a union right at the start of this and I think a lot throughout this period we have been ahead of the game in terms of trying to get on the front foot and see what’s happening, moving forward and looking at other countries and how it has affected them.

“From a player’s point of view, first and foremost, like anything safety for the players is paramount. There’s no guarantee playing behind closed doors you’re going to get that safety.

“Right now, with the Government guidelines, with social distancing, the SFA guidelines that we’re not even allowed to train together, I think for the time being it’s not even a conversation to have.

“In a few weeks’ time if the circumstances become a lot clearer and the medical advice is a lot better than it is maybe something we talk about further down the line but right now I can’t see it happening.”

The Independent report that it is understood changing the logistics of this season and the 2020/2021 campaign would be better and easier than declaring the current term null and void.