How Hearts and Hibs compare to rivals for passes per shot. Picture: SNS

Where Hearts and Hibs rank amongst the Scottish Premiership's most direct teams - and which side makes the most passes before shooting

A look at which teams makes the most and fewest passes which lead to a shot

Let’s forget about the off-field controversy which has engulfed Scottish football since the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, let’s take a look back at the Scottish Premiership campaign and how Hearts and Hibs performed on the field, specifically in the build up to taking shots.

We have delved into the stats provided by Wyscout too look at which teams are the most ‘direct’ in the league. This isn’t about long balls or punts up the pitch, but a look at the teams to have made the most passes before taking a shot and the teams who are more efficient, moving the ball forward quicker, making fewer passes before recording a shot.

Click and scroll through to see how Hearts and Hibs rank against their league rivals.

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