Scottish Football Quiz: How many of these 12 Scottish football grounds can you name?

Can you name these 12 Scottish Football League grounds and the clubs that play there?

Thursday, 20th May 2021, 2:15 pm
How many can you get right?

Gradually, fans are re-entering stadiums across Scotland as lockdown restrictions are eased, however, with the majority of fans across the Scottish leagues not able to attend a football game since March 2020, it would be easy to forget what some grounds look like. Take our test and see how many football grounds you can name from just one photo.

Click through to the end for the answers.

Home to much loved Scottish football league club. It has hosted a Champions League tie this season too...

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Currently in the playoffs, this picturesque stadium is the home of a club formed in 1872.
It's been a tough few years for this Glasgow club, however, things are looking up again.
Nice easy one for you here.
The stadium is home of a League One club formed in 1903.
The most northern stadium in the Scottish Premiership
This ground will be hosting League One football next season.
Fans would have dearly loved to have been in this ground this season to back a team that has been supremely successful this term.
"It's got a bridge and a castle," this club's fans have been known to sing about their hometown.
Home to three clubs, one club vying for promotion in playoffs and the other two currently battling to be the fourth best Scottish women's club.
This stadium hasn't had a happy 20/21 stadium, as the club finished second bottom in the league.
Stairway to Heaven, or stairway to Hell? Only fans of this League Two club would be able to tell you.
The answers: How many did you get right?