Which players made the top 10 list when it came to chances created per 90 minutes? (Craig Williamson / SNS Group)

Scottish Premiership's top 10 statistically most creative players: Which Scotland Euro 2020 squad hopeful tops the list?

Rangers may have taken the bragging rights this year, but one Celtic star, and Scottish Euro 2020 hopeful, is clear at the top of the Scottish Premiership when it comes to chances created per 90 minutes.

Football is a game of opinions, and, despite the changing face of the national game, there’s little that will change that.

However, there can be no getting away from the fact the modern football’s use of data analysis and statistics is becoming extremely prevalent when it comes to measuring the worth of player, as clubs across every nation implement a ‘moneyball-esque’ data approach to their recruitment.

And when it comes to the statistics that surround chances created per 90 minutes, there’s few more important than that. After all, every side needs a player that will create more than the opposition.

Unsurprisingly many players from the title-winning Rangers side are scattered all over the list below. But key players from the top six and even the bottom three - are listed among the Premiership’s statically most creative talents.

Using data compiled by the BBC, this list will make for some interesting reading as fans compile their own Euro 2020 Scotland squads.


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