Pele photos: Football legend's Edinburgh visit 24 years ago to Hearts' Tynecastle Stadium - in pictures

Former Craigmount High School teacher recalls Edinburgh visit by football god Pele

A former Modern Studies teacher from Colinton has dug out photos of the memorable day in 1989 when he took a football team from Craigmount High School to enjoy a coaching session from Brazilian football legend Pele and the then Scotland manager Andy Roxburgh. Jim Cannon looked out his old photos from the day 34 years ago after reading the Evening News story recalling Pele’s only recorded visit to Edinburgh, when the 1,000 + goals striker sadly passed away at the end of last year aged 82.

Jim looked back on the day with great fondness, recalling how the pupils enjoyed a coaching session on the Tynecastle pitch with Pele and Andy Roxburgh before a Q&A session with the Brazilian inside the main stand. He said: “Pele was such a gentleman, nothing was a problem. Everyone that was after an autograph got one no problem. I thought it was outstanding for Pele, given who he was, to be so patient. He never took himself too seriously. He was just happy to be there. "Pele never once said ‘I’m a great important footballer, here is my story’. It wasn’t about that. He was very happy to answer the kids questions, every last one.”

Jim said that the Craigmount team were joined by some staff from the school and a group of female pupils interested in football, giving them a total party of about 20 lucky people who got to meet Pele. "They all enjoyed it,” added Jim. It was all very well organised and very laid back. Just the chance to meet someone like that was really quite something. The staff were all struck by how humble Pele was. He treated it very importantly. He spoke directly to the boys that asked him questions. Making everybody there feel comfortable.”

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