Ranked: The 12 Scottish Premiership home kits - from worst to best

We are a week away from the start of the season so we should start talking about the important things: how nice are the home kits of each Scottish Premiership club.

Friday, 26th July 2019, 3:37 pm

Each of the 12 teams' home effort has been analysed and after much deliberation the final list has been decided. Click and SCROLL through, starting with the Premiership's worst kit.

Fair play to the Staggies for always going for something a wee bit different. But this edition is too light and has FIVE colours. Too far, County. Too far.
St Mirren have had a real mix of kits recently. It would have been interesting to see the other ideas before it was decided to stick a massive H or upside down rugby goals on a white canvas. Maybe the H stands for 'Hurry up and sign players.'

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The new home kit didn't go down too well with hands, and understandably so. The Hoops should but don't go all the way round, there is too much white space at the top and the collar? Nope.
Very, very similar to the 17-18 edition. No surprises, no risk. They do win some points for what looks like a cap design when looking from the front. Who will be the superhero to sa... let's move on.
Celebrating their 150th anniversary with the same colour of their first kit and the cheques are a nod to the 1997 Cup winning side. It looks like a training top purchased from a catalogue but it is different from the Killie norm and doesn't assault the eyes.
This is quite a smart look from the Saints and may be boosted due to the fact they have had some real aberrations in recent years. Would look even better without the sponsor.
The Dons are lucky to be so high, perhaps showing the standard of kits this season. This is very similar to the last two years but is best of the lot with a really nice shade of red finished with a stylish collar.
The home kit has been overshadowed by a cracking away strip. An improvement on last season. The faded pinstripes work and not too much white.
A very simple idea but with just enough of a twist. The two-tone yellow stops the strip from looking like an identikit Nike training top.
The previous three tops could have earned third place but the Steelmen edge it. Once you get past the middle block of claret which is perfect for a sponsor it is a nice twists on the top. The thin claret hoops really make it.
As soon as Hummel are manufacturers there is a good chance it will be a belter. The different shades of blue add to the top, the Hummel markings are excellent but the best bit is the design of the collar and cuffs. Get rid of '32Red' and it would be better.
A lot has been said about the club's third top but this piece of kit is the best. The markings could have been a risk but they are very subtle. The white collar simply emphasises the strong maroon. A deserved winner.