Tartan Army rebuffs PM over England support call

PRIME Minister David Cameron has been urged by the Tartan Army to stop pretending he is a genuine football fan after expressing hope that Scotland will rally behind England and the other home nations at the upcoming Euro 2016 tournament.

Wednesday, 8th June 2016, 11:20 pm
Updated Monday, 13th June 2016, 1:08 pm
Welsh icon Gareth Bale poses for a selfie with young fans as the squad trains for their first Euro2016 match on Saturday. Picture: contributed

In an exchange in the House of Commons, Mr Cameron said he would be watching to see which MPs supported England during the event in France. He said he hoped all the UK’s nations will support each other as England, Wales and Northern Ireland take part in the showcase.

However, Hamish Husband, spokesman for Association of Tartan Army Clubs, said it was disingenuous of Mr Cameron to offer counsel when he did not even know which club team he supported.

Speaking during PMQs, Mr Cameron said: “I’m sure this is one occasion when the whole House will want all the home nations to stay in Europe for as long as possible.”

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Prime Minister David Cameron will be backing England. Picture: PA

Mr Cameron looked to SNP MPs as he spoke and members across the House then started to laugh. A grinning Mr Cameron continued: “Come on. I’m going to be watching.

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David Cameron urges Scotland to support all Euro 2016 UK teams

“Our first game is England-Russia and I’m going to be watching very carefully to check we get very strong support.”

But in a lighthearted retort, Mr Husband said: “I would support England if he could work out which team it is that he supports. He is supposed to be the Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland but he still seems unable to work out whether he is a fan of Aston Villa or West Ham.

Prime Minister David Cameron will be backing England. Picture: PA

“It’s fine to take advice from a genuine football fan, but it is patently obvious that Mr Cameron is not that.”

He added: “I’d encourage all Scottish football fans to wish Wales and Northern Ireland all the best in their attempt to reach the final of the Euros where, hopefully, they will play each other. I hope England do well – as long as they lose in the semi-finals.”

Mr Cameron was responding to a question from DUP MP Nigel Dodds who said that people from across the UK, including Scotland, will be travelling to the tournament.