Fraser on fishing: I cracked Rosslynlee’s code

It was a fairly quiet Rosslynlee fishery when I visited with only a handful of anglers venturing out. Looking at the returns book some notable fish to 5lb were caught mostly on lures.

Saturday, 10th March 2012, 12:34 pm

One angler did particularly well on the Bloodworm so I decided to give it a try. I only had one in my box and it was a fairly big Apps Bloodworm but, when in Rome . . . Donning a full floater and the worm I made for the platform next to the bridge at the fishery entrance to cast and move the length of the fishery till I found some that would play. It was well over an hour before I got an interest but when I did it was a savage tug. I could feel the hook slipping and, rightly or wrongly, I tried to get it in quick. But as I bent to net what looked a healthy looking fish the hook sprang back and it was off.

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Looking at the fly its rubber legs were gone and I had to change to a lure. I went to the far bank at the point where the burn enters the fishery. I tied on a Black Tadpole with a green collar and cast into the deeper water and let it go down.

Counting down is a good measure to where the fish may be holding and this was no exception. At a rough count of four I was into the first fish, but yet again I dropped it. Eventually I managed to get one at 3lb+, it was worth waiting for and I took time to fully play it out.