Fraser on Fishing: Swanswater is a real treat '“ and challenge

It's one of the best small fisheries around at the moment and Swanswater, near Stirling, is well worth the visit. It was busy when I arrived and after a complimentary coffee I made for the top and main pond.

Saturday, 27th August 2016, 5:30 am
Kyle Crossan from Stirling with a 10lb 4oz Rainbow taken on a Gold-head Daddy stripped across the surface of the water at Swanswater

As it is fairly shallow most of the way round I went with a floating line and two-fly cast. Management informed me that mini dancers and damsel had been doing as well as some of the more traditional flies. Not one to ignore advice I also had an old favourite of mine, a gold-arsed cat on the point with a Bibio Hopper on the dropper, thus covering all my options.

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Finding a good spot to start I made for the platform next to the big tree. Casting well out, I did get a few plucks at the cat but nothing solid. Looking down the water I could see some fish moving and headed to the shallows, As the water was so clear I could see the fish which included some fine looking Goldies which did not seem interested. However, the brown trout and rainbows were definitely showing signs of taking. And it was a nice brown trout of around 21/2lb that took the cat on the point. It’s a great fighting fish the brown trout and I was kind of relieved to see it slip the hook close to netting. I don’t like killing brown trout so it was no regrets from me on escaping.

Moving on to the island at the bridge the sun began to come out and the fish went down to 2-3 feet below the surface. I picked up three rainbows in the 3-4lb mark all on the cat, probably because it was that little deeper down. Time just flies when you’re fishing and this was no different. Then it was time to head home.

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