Mixed reaction as Edinburgh Capitals '˜ousted' from Murrayfield

It's undoubtedly a story that will rage on throughout the course of the offseason.
Edinburgh Capitals could be a thing of the past from next season after they lost out on a bid for ice time.Edinburgh Capitals could be a thing of the past from next season after they lost out on a bid for ice time.
Edinburgh Capitals could be a thing of the past from next season after they lost out on a bid for ice time.

Yesterday, it was announced that Racers Leisure Limited has secured a contract to play ice hockey in Edinburgh and aim to compete under the name ‘Murrayfield Racers.

For many, the announcement spelt the end of the Edinburgh Capitals, however, there are a number of issues that could still arise from the new bid, such as permission to compete in the top ice hockey league in the UK, the EIHL.

Fans of the Capital were quick to react to the news.

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Murrayfield Racers set to make return as Hand group wins ice rink contract
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David Baxter wrote on our Facebook page: “Absolutely gutted. The Capitals were a massive part of my childhood, and although I would have been there to say whatever team was icing, it was the Caps.

“Scott Neil has battled through for years with very little help and now this “new” old team will get loads of financial help to start up.

“The Capitals only started because the Racers folded!

“Gutted for all staff and sponsors of the Capitals as well as the long-suffering fans who have stood by their team for the past 20 years.”

Cairn K McRae tweeted: “The Edinburgh Capitals introduced me to Hockey. We may have had our problems but I am so proud to be Caps fan. Whatever happens Murrayfield will always be the Lions Den. #edinburghcapitals”

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And fans of other ice hockey teams also shared their support on social media.

Rob Himself wrote on Twitter: “Gutted for all involved with the Caps on and off the ice, always had a wee soft spot for your team, loved coming to Murrayfield as an away supporter, a sad day for UK ice hockey as a whole”

Helen RW wrote: “As a Steelers fan I wanted to add my support and thoughts for the club and fans. Hope you guys get something sorted somehow.”

However, many readers were excited at the ‘return of the Racers’

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Chris Grant said: “Best news in a long time regarding ice hockey in Edinburgh. The Racers were legends - Tony Hand, Paul Hand, Mike ware, Jock Hay, Chris Kelland...the list goes on.

“I look forward to seeing what the Hand brothers have in store. Hopefully, Ice Hockey will be back in Edinburgh with a bang.

Heather Quinn also voiced her excitement writing: Omg the guys are back. Friday and Saturday nights were fantastic nights then. Best bit of news I’ve heard in a long time.”

Despite the Racers returning, Dave Ramage was not so sure saying: “It will never be the same as the Racers back in the day”

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And it was good news for Sandra Scott who said: “I still have my Murrayfield Racers shirt from the 1980s.”

While the future of the Caps is not yet clear, Pawz the Lion, the Edinburgh Capitals mascot tweeted; “It looks like I’ve danced for you all for the final time... @edcapitals have been - and will remain to be - my team, my home, and my family. A heartbreaking day.”

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