Magnificent Monarchs

A RAMPANT Edinburgh Monarchs team romped to their biggest Premier League win of the season at home when they steamrollered Scunthorpe Scorpions 64-25 at Armadale last night which easily avenged their loss at the Eddie Wright Raceway on Monday.

Scunthorpe don’t travel that well and their skipper David Howe admitted: “This was a pretty embarrassing result for us, for some reason things just don’t happen for us at Armadale and we just couldn’t do anything to stop Monarchs.

“Perhaps we suffered a backlash from Monarchs after they lost at home against Glasgow last week.”

Howe was Scorpions’ top scorer with ten points and featured in two good races against Monarchs ace Craig Cook. Cook won their first tussle in heat seven after the lead changed hands four times.

But Howe pounced in the 11th race overhauling Cook on the last bend of the last lap. “That was about the only bright spot for me”, said Howe, “I knew Craig was trying all the way and he is a clever rider who knows where to put his bike. But I managed a good corner on that last bend and was able to drive up the inside of Craig to take the flag.” For his part Cook revealed his bike lost power on that final turn and overall was less than happy with his final ten-point tally.


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He said: “I shouldn’t really have dropped any points at all, but I had bike failures and instead of making money, I’m actually losing money at the moment.”

Despite track conditions being heavy again the surface was nowhere near the porridge state of last week and as a consequence Monarchs were more eager to adapt and were fully in control of this match leading 31-10 after just seven races. Scunthorpe were unable to halt the Capital side’s points tide and surrendered four 5-1s in the second half.

Monarchs No.1 Kevin Wolbert was unbeaten by the opposition and scored a paid 14-point maximum, but once again it was teammate Andrew Tully who continues to ride like a luminous beacon in the wet.

Tully, who still isn’t fully fit after his nasty crash at Ashfield last Sunday, nonetheless powered to a full 12-point maximum from his four rides, but admitted: “I was just trying to make the gate in my races to get out of everybody’s way because the track was a bit too hard for my injuries when it got slick later on, but I’m happy just to keep scoring points.”


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Monarchs reserve duo Kyle Howarth and Byron Bekker oushone their Scunthorpe counterparts and Bekker was a shade unlucky to tumble off in his last ride against Thomas Jorgensen and Steve Worrall.

Bekker said: “I was pleased to score three points but I overdid it a bit in my last heat when I went for a gap that I only thought was there!” But the South African certainly cannot be faulted for effort and at least flopped off because he was trying.

Howarth, who was feeling unwell,stumped up with a six-point return which saw him grab second places in his first couple of rides. Howarth, who heads for Rye House tonight to contest the National League Riders’ Championship, said: “I was happy with my display and feel I’ve got my confidence back again and just want to keep doing well until the end of the season.”

Monarchs skipper Matthew Wethers picked up 11 points and this included a very easy win over Jorgensen in heat 14, and Wethers’ partnership with Tully continues to prove a fertile scoring ground with the pair conjuring up three 5-1s together over the course of the meeting.


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Scunthorpe, who used rider replacement for the missing Richard Hall, were really torn apart and Howe’s only semblance of support came from Jorgensen who weighed in with six points..

Monarchs: Wolbert 14, Tully 12, Wethers 11, Cook 10, Katajisto 8, Howarth 6, Bekker 3.

Scunthorpe: Howe 10, Jorgensen 6, S Worrall 4, Wilson 3, R Worrall 1. Palm-Toft 1.