No holds barred when Doc puts job on the line

doctors are used to dealing with knockout blows – but they are not often associated with landing them.

But that will be the aim of 26-year-old hospital doctor Dan Rodgers, known as “El Technico” when he returns to the stage as a professional wrestler as the headliner in the World Wide Wrestling League’s American Wrestling (known as “W3L”) event at Ladywood Leisure Centre in Penicuik a week on Sunday.

In his role as “El Technico”, a stage name influenced by the style of Mexican wrestling, the former University of Edinburgh student, will be under pressure to not only satisfy the local crowd in attendance, but his tussle with English wrestler David Paris represents the “winner gets his job back” contest as both men have been surplus to requirements of the W3L since losing key contests on the tour.

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A hobby he took up in early 2009 with a group of friends, Rodgers quickly established himself as a talented wrestler and he was offered an opportunity with the small touring entertainment group (W3L) to showcase his attributes. And, while donning a leotard may seem alien to most grown men, Rodgers’ love of the sport goes back to childhood.

“I used to watch wrestling a lot on the television when I was growing up and have never really grown out of it,” Rodgers said. “One of my friends had seen a notice for a training school in Fife a few years ago so we went along. I trained there for about a year and progressed pretty well so I was offered the chance of appearing in shows, and it has really just evolved from there.”

He then relocated to Australia in October 2010 with an ambition to seek further experience within the medical industry, a journey which took him to the emergency care unit of a busy Sydney hospital.

Extremely grateful of his time working in a country thousands of miles from home, Rodgers continued his love of wrestling and performed when time permitted between his stressful shifts.

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“I ended up working in the emergency department of a hospital and absolutely loved the experience. I had a decision to make with regards to continuing my medical training in Australia or head back to the UK, but I felt coming home was the right decision to take.

“Similarly to most people involved within wrestling, the goal is to make it in America with the big companies such as the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). It would be great to achieve, but I have put a lot of years studying medicine at university so this has to be my priority at the moment.”

n Tickets for the event on March 25 at Ladywood Leisure Centre can be purchased at the venue or visit