Armadale Devils announce re-signing of Falkirk-based rider Lewis Millar

The Armadale Devils have announced Falkirk-based rider Lewis Millar will be back in 2022.

The 24-year-old returns for a second season with the West Lothian outfit in British speedway's National Development League.

"Being the local kid, it does add a little bit pressure – although not from the fans or management, it's from myself," Millar said.

"I want to do well in front of my home crowd and on the track I have grown up on, so each time we have a home meeting it makes it that bit more special than when you are down at a Mildenhall or somewhere where you don't really know anyone. When you get that home track advantage it definitely brings something else out of you.


"I am looking forward to it this year, I have a bit more experience now after last year so I know what it is all about this time."