Josh Taylor's partner Danielle: He is not a big head, and that's why I love him

Josh Taylor and Danielle MurphyJosh Taylor and Danielle Murphy
Josh Taylor and Danielle Murphy
Danielle Murphy has been by Josh Taylor’s side from day one. The pair first met in their hometown of Prestonpans almost a decade ago, although the hairdresser admits her then new boyfriend never let on about his aspirations to reach the top level of boxing

As the 26-year-old prepares to take her place ringside at London’s O2 Arena tomorrow night, she insists that, despite Taylor’s rise to stardom, he remains the grounded teenager at heart and the reason she fell for him in the first place.

“When I met Josh I never knew he was into boxing,” Danielle explained. “It wasn’t until a couple of months later that we went up to his bedroom and he had all these medals scattered about the place. It was then I said ‘so what do you actually do?’ and that’s when he told me he was a boxer. I can’t stand big headedness and that’s something I really admire about Josh.

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“But never in a million years did I think that when we first met that we would now be just over 24 hours away from him headlining a show at the O2, fighting for the Muhammad Ali Trophy and the chance to become a two-time world champion. I’ve always believed in him and he’s just gone from strength to strength.

“We were at the Luke Campbell Vasiliy Lomachenko fight in August and I was looking around and I said to Josh ‘this is going to be you in a few months’. I couldn’t quite grasp that everyone is now going to be cheering on my man.

“We’re not your average couple that are able to go for date nights and what have you, and you do have to put some things on hold but look where he is now. I know that everything he is doing is for our future.”

The couple have recently just bought their first house together, however, the build up to tomorrow night has been particularly difficult for Danielle having lost her father James just six weeks ago.

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“This one definitely feels different and will be more special should Josh win,” she said. “My dad would have been here with us at ringside so it will be really difficult. I think he’ll be watching over Josh tomorrow and I think that has given him that extra drive too.”