Alan Longmuir: The Bay City Rollers meet John Lennon, Keith Moon and Olivia Newton-John

A Letter from John Lennon...

Friday, 23rd November 2018, 4:16 pm
Updated Friday, 23rd November 2018, 4:19 pm
Alan in 1975

STAYING at The Plaza Hotel, a page boy brought an envelope to my room with my name written on the front in spidery handwriting.

I opened it. It was from John Lennon and said something along the lines of:

‘I’m thrilled for you all. Well done.

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I’m sorry I am unable to pop over and see you guys, but Yoko is about to give birth.

Best of luck,

John Beetle.’

He had drawn a small black beetle next to his signature. I’ve lost that note. I know, it would be worth a small fortune today.

The Night I Missed Olivia Newton-John... One night I was in the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel.

I’d been booked to appear on a chat show in New York. A car and a plane had been arranged and I was advised to get some sleep as my escort would be fetching in a few hours.

I retired to my room. I easily went off to sleep but was rudely awakened not long after by a loud banging on the left-hand adjoining door. I dragged myself out of bed and opened it.

There stood Keith Moon in tee-shirt and underpants, grinning from ear to ear, holding a bottle of champagne in each hand.

I couldn’t help but notice that attached to each arm was a smiling, naked girl.

“It’s party time, old Roller,” he said and stepped into my room.

“No, Keith. It’s not party time for me. I have to be in New York soon. I need to get some sleep,” I replied as I gently ushered him back over his threshold.

Moon looked at me as if it were me that was mad. Perhaps, I was.

Later in the night I was awoken again. This time it was tapping on the right-hand adjoining door.

It happened three or four times, but I ignored it assuming it was The Who drummer again trying to trick me ...

My chauffeur come minder duly came and fetched me and as I passed reception I asked the guy behind the desk who was in the room next door to me.

“We’re dreadfully sorry that was Keith Moon. We do apologise for the noise.”

“No, no, the other side of me.”

The concierge consulted a book on the desk.

“On the other side Mr Longmuir that is, let me check now… Olivia Newton John.”

I Ran With The Gang: My Life In and Out of The Bay City Rollers by Alan Longmuir with Martin Knight is published by Luath Press in hardback, priced £14.99.