A new Harry Potter-themed magical cocktail pop-up bar is coming to Edinburgh

Cocktails and Harry Potter, what's not to love?
Who knew a potions class would involve so many cocktails? (Photo: The Cauldron/Xavier Boldu)Who knew a potions class would involve so many cocktails? (Photo: The Cauldron/Xavier Boldu)
Who knew a potions class would involve so many cocktails? (Photo: The Cauldron/Xavier Boldu)

Now you can combine your love of Harry Potter with delicious cocktails with this new immersive experience.

The Cauldron is a magical travelling pop-up bar which has already wowed the likes of New York and London, and Edinburgh is next on its list.

What to expect?

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While The Cauldron is only teasing a ‘coming soon’ image on its Edinburgh page, there is some stuff we can expect from the pop-up based on its other locations.

It’s a one hour and 45 minute experience that will see you transported to the potions class of Hogwarts.

You’ll be given a magic wand and your own magical robes and taken to your interactive work station where you’ll get to test out your wand by making a welcome drink.

You can then choose between two potions that you’d like to brew from their range of options, which The Cauldron describe as having “different traits and effects”. While the experience is generally self-guided, The Cauldron state that “a potions master is on-hand to make sure that you don’t poison yourself!”

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When it comes to putting the experience together, The Cauldron says, “We use science and technology to bring the magic from fantasy books to life in an immersive, interactive experience.”

Who is behind The Cauldron?

The Cauldron team describe themselves as “a scrappy collective of experts in hospitality, technology, and design, who have come together to create an immersive experience that elicits feelings of nostalgia, wonderment, and excitement.”

Originally funded through a Kickstarter, The Cauldron has been met with a great response from fantasy loving cocktail drinkers.

It’s worth noting that while The Cauldron has been inspired by a variety of fantasy and science-fiction novels, it’s in no way affiliated with J.K Rowling or Warner Bros.

How do I get tickets?

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As of right now, you can join the waiting list to be alerted when tickets are released for the Edinburgh pop-up.

Tickets for their London experience start at £29.99 per person and included in your ticket is a welcome drink, two magical cocktails and the interactive experience of the pop-up.

Just head to the Cauldron website to register your email address.