Banned from Tinder but could Ross Arthur be Edinburgh’s answer to Lewis Capaldi?

LOCAL singer songwriter Ross Arthur heads to the Stags Head Hotel, South Queensferry, on Friday 5 July, where you find him performing a mix of covers ranging from Elvis and The Eagles through to George Ezra, Jessie J and much more.

Wednesday, 3rd July 2019, 3:04 pm
Ross Arthur
Pic: Andrew Perry
Ross Arthur Pic: Andrew Perry

“I will also be performing my new single Soar as well as unreleased material,” he promises, adding, “Performing live and putting on a good show for people is what I am made to do.

“I’m lucky enough for it be my full-time job and don’t take it for granted- you’re only as good as your last show.

“These past few days have been mental for me, there’s been lots of interest in the new song which is beautiful, and hopefully people come out to hear it live.

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“I’ve said before that Lewis Capaldi is flying at the moment, and he came from a similar background as me, he has given me hope that making waves in the industry can be done. He had support from everyone, sharing and engaging with his content - I’m hoping that my home city and the rest of Scotland has my back”

Arthur released new single Soar over the weekend and so far it has 11.6k streams on Spotify, 22,000 views of the music video on Youtube and 20,000 views on Facebook.

“I’m doing my best to hit the charts,” he says, although one marketing ploy went slightly awry, he explains, “I got banned from Tinder because I pretended to be a woman and my bio said, “Ask me my favourite song...”, hundreds of men - some creepy - got in touch to ask, and I linked them to my own song.”

He adds, “But I’m not just doing publicity stunts, I am working hard to share it in the more traditional ways.”

Ross Arthur, Stags Head Hotel, South Queensferry, 5 July, 9pm, free