Britain's Got Talent star Susan Boyle set to "terrorise" West Lothian now she has her provisional driving licence

AS SHE celebrates 10 years in the spotlight, Britain's Got Talent singing sensation Susan Boyle has just ticked another item off her Bucket List and she can hardly hide her delight.
Susan BoyleSusan Boyle
Susan Boyle

"I've got my provisional licence at 58," she reveals as we chat in her front room.

It's an achievement that the star from Blackburn, West Lothian, is obviously excited about, as she continues, "I've had a couple of lessons and, so far, the car has not been dented... so we're alright, but watch out," she laughs.

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Like millions before her, Susan, who is celebrating a decade of global success this year, had her first taste of life behind the wheel practising in local car parks.

"I've not driven on the road yet but have practised in car parks... complete with chasing publicists," she says, throwing a knowing look to her publicist, who explains, "I was filming, running along side the car filming and trying not to get hit..."

"It was a big risk, wasn't it?" smiles Susan.

So watch out West Lothian, Susan will be driving on a road near you soon.

"I like to terrorise the public," she quips with a cheeky grin, adding, "but driving has always been one of my dreams, and I'll go for my test when I've got time to learn."

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She thinks for a moment. "But with L plates on, I'll be one L of a driver," she cracks, laughing, "You fell for that one, didn't you."

And it's not just in a car that you might spot Susan on one of West Lothian's roads.

"I've got a bike through there too," she says. A push bike or a motor bike? I ask.

"Do you think I'm the granny from Giles or something coming roaring out the summerhouse at the end of the garden," she bellows with laughter.

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