Bugs Bunny challenge: risque new TikTok trend explained, what is the song, lyrics, origins - and how to do it

What do a cartoon rabbit, a Dobermann and a Vladamir Putin supporting rapper all have in common?

In recent months, video-sharing app TikTok has become home to all sorts of weird and wonderful viral trends.

From the sea-shanty craze, to the ‘wrap hack’ (i.e. how to fold a tortilla correctly), to the ‘Dreams’ challenge, where people skateboard while lip-syncing to Fleetwood Mac – the social network sets the internet agenda each week with a new viral trend.

The latest craze to storm the app is the ‘Bugs Bunny challenge’. Seemingly removed from the hype surrounding the upcoming 2021 reboot of Space Jam, it appears to have come from nowhere.

In many cases, these challenge videos don’t just end with users successfully adorning their scalps with podiatric protrusions... (Photos: TikTok)

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    So here is everything you need to know about it.

    How to do the Bugs Bunny challenge?

    On paper, the challenge seems nigh-on impossible.

    To complete the challenge, you must imitate a pair of Bugs Bunny-esque rabbit ears protruding from your head – using just your feet.

    A video of an impressively large Dobermann (this is a stock image) seems to be the origin of the track that has inspired the bizarre craze (Photo: Shutterstock)

    But while you might be expecting a need for marvellous contortionist skills, doing this is not as hard as it seems.

    Users who have already uploaded their challenge efforts to TikTok can be seen filming themselves face-on while lying stomach-down on a flat surface.

    This then allows them to bend their legs naturally, and through a trick of perspective, their feet appear as rabbit ears upon their heads.

    What is the song used in the challenge?

    The challenge videos are often set to music, a Russian-language song by Gerda & Dari called ‘самый грязный заяц’ – which translates as ‘The Dirtiest Hare’.

    The song features the words ‘Bugs Bunny’, and when these words are spoken, users move their feet to imitate the twitching of the cartoon rabbit’s signature lug holes.

    The track is actually a slowed down remix of 2018 song ‘Gucci’ by 37-year old Russian hip-hop artist Timati, who has previously been nominated for MTV Europe and Russia Music awards, and has collaborated with stars like Snoop Dogg in the past.

    It seems unusual for TikTok’s young and politically left-leaning audience to have embraced such a track. In 2012, Timati participated in a political video to support Vladimir Putin during the Russian presidential election, again endorsing the divisive leader in 2018’s vote.

    Why is the challenge risque?

    In many cases, these challenge videos don’t just end with users successfully adorning their scalps with podiatric protrusions.

    Instead, users raise their hips, exposing their buttocks.

    Don’t worry, they’re covered in ‘most’ cases, but the angle from which the videos are filmed often means these derrières are very pronounced indeed.

    What are the lyrics to the song?

    Being a Russian-language song, it will be quite difficult for English speakers to work out what’s going on in the rap.

    With regards to the ‘Bugs Bunny' section of the song seen on TikTok, Google Translate suggests the words are as follows:

    "I'm the Dirtiest Hare - Bugs Bunny/Throwing money in the sauna - bucks in the bath/Mixing Mentos with Cola for fun.”

    How did the challenge start?

    There seems to be no clear indication as to who was the first user to raise their hips to the ‘Bugs Bunny’ song.

    But the origins of the track used to soundtrack these videos can be traced to an August 2020 post from @gerda.doberman, centred around a large Doberman as it’s showcased from all angles, from its mouth to its paws.

    That doesn’t make the whole thing any less nonsensical, but maybe we’re not supposed to ask ‘why?’