Castle Concerts' promoter Mark is stagestruck

'YER a wifie. Dressed as Elvis. In Aberdeen.' Only at the Fringe.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 6th August 2018, 2:56 pm
Updated Monday, 6th August 2018, 3:08 pm
Aye Elvis
Aye Elvis

Joyce Falconer, best know as Roisin in the early days of River City stars in Aye Elvis at the Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, this month.

She plays Joan, an Elvis impersonator with big dreams. With the regional heat of Ultimate Elvis approaching, Joan knows there’s work to do, but Joan has The King inside... and The King always wins.

Aye, Elvis was spawned from a conversation between its writer Morna Young and Falconer in a pub one night.

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As karaoke blared from upstairs, Falconer impersonated Elvis and Morna said: “There’s a play in that”. Joyce thought she was joking…

The play is produced by Mark Mackie, better known as head of Edinburgh-based Regular Music and the man behind the annual Castle Concert series on The Esplanade.

He reveals that dipping his toes into the world of theatre is something that has long tempted him.

“For the last couple of years I’ve been tinkering with pieces of theatre with a music content,” he says.

“This year I came across Aye, Elvis and just adored it. I thought it would make a fantastic Fringe show.

“Producing theatre is not unlike promoting a concert, you still have to ensure performers and venues are paid and that you market it well, but I do notice a difference in the way tickets sell.

“Your heart is in your mouth until the show opens - folk buy at the last moment. But the stars in a band are just like the cast in a play.

“I was surprised how similar the process is and can’t wait to do more. I’ve got a bit of a theatre bug, especially in August in Edinburgh.

Aye Elvis, Gilded Balloon, Rose Street, until 26 August (not 13), 7.30pm, £11.50-£12.50, 0131-622 6552