Controversial Derry Girls star Tommy Tiernan heading to Edinburgh for one-night only

DERRY Girls star and controversial stand-up Tommy Tiernan is heading back to the Capital, in November, with his Paddy Crazy Horse Tour.
Tommy Tiernan as Gerry QuinnTommy Tiernan as Gerry Quinn
Tommy Tiernan as Gerry Quinn

The Irish funnyman is set to play the Gilded Balloon Basement, Rose Street, on 2 November.

The tour publicity promises that he will rant and rave, dance and act, adding ‘He tries to be very silly and very serious at the same time. He mixes a love of comic rebellion and a refusal to be conscripted into a rational view of the world with a deep love for talking and the poetry of everyday speech.

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‘Using high theatricality and lots of sweary language, this is a fast paced and exuberant celebration of everything that’s wild, wrong and wonderful about being alive right here, right now. It is by turns clever and then really stupid.’

It’s a recipe that can prove flammable stuff. After a recent Belfast gig, it was claimed he had been reported to police after a number of the audience walked out, offended by what they regarded as ‘foul-mouthed rants about Northern Irish politics and religion’.

The Donegal-born stand-up comedian landed his first major acting role since appearing in Father Ted last year when he was cast in the dark comedy Derry Girls as the long-suffering father of the central character, 16-year-old Erin Quinn who is coming of age during the later years of the Troubles.

Tiernan’s Gilded Balloon Show is recommended for ages 15+.

Tommy Tiernan: Paddy Crazy Horse, Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, Basement, Rose Street, 2 November, 6pm, £20 (returns),