Edinburgh singer songwriter Bow Anderson from Portobello returns with new single 'Midnight'

Former Portobello High School pupil’s new single is out on Friday
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Edinburgh singer-songwriter Bow Anderson who was once played by Elton John on his radio show returns this week with her first song in over a year.

The 26-year-old Island Records signing, who moved to London when she was 19 to pursue her dream of being a pop star, previously had more than 50 millions streams of her breakthrough track ‘20s’. In 2021 she released her EP ‘New Waves’ which included the track Sweater, which has had more than 20 million streams. Later that year she was also named 'best pop act’ at the Scottish Music Awards.

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Now, she is preparing to release her catchy pop track ‘Midnight’ on Friday, July 7. It is an honest song in which she opens up about her struggles with getting to sleep at night.

Edinburgh singer songwriter Bow Anderson releases her new single 'Midnight' on Friday.Edinburgh singer songwriter Bow Anderson releases her new single 'Midnight' on Friday.
Edinburgh singer songwriter Bow Anderson releases her new single 'Midnight' on Friday.

Speaking to the Evening News about her new single, she said: “I’m excited. I have not released anything for over a year now. I have been working on lots of new music and it’s slightly different to my EP, in a good way. It’s basically a new chapter for me. I would love it to breakthrough in the charts. This song feels like and add-on to 20s, it’s just about my experiences.

"I really struggle to sleep sometimes. It’s funny, I have written this song but I’m still going through it. I feel like writing songs is definitely like a kind of therapy. It relates to people. I put a bit of the new song on TikTok and I was quite surprised that so many people related to it and have the same issue. When I wrote the song I never felt like anybody else was going through it, but I hope it helps people. I would definitely say this music is a new chapter in my career. It’s very vulnerable and honest. Uplifting, but sad and vulnerable.”

Bow also said she has tried to be even more open and honest in her songwriting, particularly in relation to mental health issues she has experienced. She said: "I have been writing very vulnerable, honest lyrics. I always have really, but I’ve taken it even further which is exciting but also scary. In my new stuff I talk about my mental health and my experiences of life.

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"When I wrote ‘20s’, which again was a very honest song, I didn’t think it would connect the way it did with people. So I thought it would be better to be more honest in my songwriting. We all have our own unique experiences, but a lot of the emotions we go through are quite similar. We all feel sad and alone with these thoughts, but we do actually all feel the same. Covid was a struggle for my mental health and for a lot of people. And it did make people open up more, as we were all going through this massive change.

The single cover artwork for Bow Anderson's new single 'Midnight'.The single cover artwork for Bow Anderson's new single 'Midnight'.
The single cover artwork for Bow Anderson's new single 'Midnight'.

"I’m quite a social person, so the idea of being told you can’t leave the house, it was very mentally challenging. It was difficult, but everything happens for a reason. I definitely wouldn’t have written the songs I have written without the pandemic. Covid definitely made me open up more about my mental health and my experiences. I definitely write upbeat sad songs that are very happy sounding. I like uplifting songs with sad lyrics, it makes you feel better about feeling alone.”

Bow previously represented Scotland at trampolining and looked set for a bright future in the sport until an injury at the age of 13 sent her on a new career path, which has brought her to the attention of pop royalty Sir Elton John.

She said: "I wasn’t even singing when that happened. I was more into dancing. But when I got injured I fell into music more and that became my passion, what I wanted to do in life. The doctors said I could have gone back to it but I was so into my music by then. What’s for you will not go by you.

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"Elton John played me on his radio show, which is crazy. I couldn’t believe it when I was told. He is a legend, so to have someone like him say he likes my music is incredible. I think it’s really cool that he supports new artists. Maybe one day I will meet him.”

Edinburgh pop singer Bow Anderson represented Scotland as a trampolinist when she was a child.Edinburgh pop singer Bow Anderson represented Scotland as a trampolinist when she was a child.
Edinburgh pop singer Bow Anderson represented Scotland as a trampolinist when she was a child.

Recalling her Edinburgh upbringing, Bow added: "I grew up in Joppa/ Portobello. I have fond memories of my childhood and had good friends at high school. But I felt there wasn’t many creative people in Scotland. Although, I went to a performing school in Edinburgh as a kid and got more into the music side of things.

"I always wanted to come to London to do some kind of performing and that’s what I ended up doing in music. When I was a teenager I used to hang out at Arthur’s Seat, and at Portobello Beach as well, where we had bonfires. And I’d go into town for a ‘Mickey D’s’ at the weekend. I don’t get back to Edinburgh as much as I’d like to. Time just goes so quickly, especially living in London. I’m always up for the Fringe and will be up again this year. My mum and dad got me tickets for the Tattoo, which I was last at many years ago, it will be fun.”

After upping sticks and heading to the big smoke at such a young age to pursue her music dreams, is Bow happy with how her career is going? She said: "I think so. You do what you can. I came to London as that’s the place to be in music. It’s a hard graft and there is no guarantee you’ll be a success, but if you really believe in something and it’s your passion then you can make anything happen.

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"There are so many people that say ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘it’s not a real job’. But you definitely can. I never got homesick, I just knew it was the right thing for me.”

After a year of songwriting, the talented young musician is keen to get back on stage. She said: "I can’t wait to get out performing again. But because I have not released songs for a while I have not got festivals lined up this summer. But I’m planning to play shows in the autumn. I feel like I have done all the work, written new music, so now I just want to get it out there and get back out performing.

"I have done shows here and there since Covid, as well as festivals, and shows in Germany. But recently I have been prioritising writing music and getting ready to get back out there. I don’t know exactly where and when yet but I’m hoping for some headline shows. It’s been a while since I have performed in Scotland so I’m looking forward to getting back up the road to perform my music.”

Bow revealed she hopes to release a new EP later this year, adding: “Who knows for sure, but that’s the plan.”