Five Things To Do In Edinburgh: Thursday October 25

Your pick of the city’s nights out.

• CINEMA: Looper. One Bruce Willis stars in a mind-boggling sci-fi action movie about a time-travelling assassin hired to kill his future self! One of the biggest problems facing any mobster is how to whack someone without leaving messy evidence behind. By 2072, the technology for time travel exists, even though it’s illegal to make use of it. This doesn’t stop the criminals, who employ assassins known as loopers. Their job is to nip back 30 years to 2042, before the advent of time travel, and eliminate targets sent from the future. That way, there’s no evidence the victim ever existed. There’s just one rule: never let your target escape. But that’s exactly what happens when looper Joe (Joseph Gordon Levitt) finds that the man who’s just materialised in front of him is his future self (Bruce Willis)! From the director of cult hit ‘Brick’, ‘Looper’ is a ferociously clever and exciting time travel thriller. General release, various cinemas, times and prices

• THEATRE: Charade. Adaptation of Peter Stone CIA thriller from Edinburgh University Theatre Club. Set in 60’s Paris, this adaptation of Peter Stone’s original CIA-thriller film follows independent-minded Reggie Lambert as she returns from holiday to find her husband dead and several suspicious strangers out to get her. With a rogue quarter-of-a-million dollars and suspects fast disappearing, it’s a race against time to find the money and discover the killer’s true identity. Bedlam Theatre, Bristo Place, 7.30pm, £6 (£5.50), 0131-225 9893

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• COMEDY: The Thursday Show. With Rob Deering, Keir McAllister, David Whitney and host Joe Heenan.

The Stand, York Place, 9pm, £8 (£7; members £4), 0131-558 7272

• MUSIC: Live Music Now. Gary Innes and Ewan Robertson. Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Queen Street. 6pm, free, 0131-624 6200

• THEATRE: The Authorised Kate Bane.The award-winning play about family mythologies and memory. Traverse Theatre, Cambridge Street, 8pm, £15.50–£17.50 (£6–£13.50), 0131-228 1404