Gilded Balloon Nodha way to make you laugh

KNOWN as the one-woman voice machine, comedian Amy Howerska is heading to the Capital with a very special task to fulfil tonight - it has fallen to her to headline the Gilded Balloon's brand new comedy night, Nodha.

Tuesday, 28th November 2017, 12:09 pm
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 4:55 am
Amy Howerska, the one-woman voice machine, to headline Gilded Balloons new comedy night
Amy Howerska, the one-woman voice machine, to headline Gilded Balloons new comedy night

A top class comedian whose jokes and turn of phrase elevate her above many of her peers, Howerska was born to a trained killer father and a skydiving mother - a Polish Irish Catholic Jew, raised in Wales, she is a diversity box ticking funnywoman.

Presenting her stand up with vim, vigour and volume she populates the stage with barmy Welsh cousins, Bradford grannies and East End gangster-loving aunties.

In her commanding and upbeat sets she also covers some of the terrible jobs she’s had to endure - the BFI and the NHS - before becoming a full- time comic; her new boyfriend - who is Irish - and his weird family and her hatred of mansplaining.

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Line-ups for Nodha will be made up of a mixture of old hands wanting to road test new material and newer acts finding their comedy stride.

Staged in The Basement Theatre at The Rose Theatre, Rose Street, as part of The Gilded Balloon’s new winter programme the evening will be hosted by Cristopher Macarthur-Boyd, the Glaswegian King of Sad Style, who will also take the opportunity to try out some new gags while he’s on stage.

His self-mockery and ability to tell gags at his own expense is one of his many lovable assets.

There are even rumours that a well-known face of stage and TV will be working some brand new mind bending routines in front of an audience for the very first time.

Nodha, Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, Rose Street, tonight, 8pm, £3, on the door or from