Howard Jones is back and ready to play Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall

Howard JonesHoward Jones
Howard Jones
HOWARD JONES has been described as ‘one of the defining figures in mid-80s synth pop’, a constant tinkerer and a musical innovator since his debut album Human’s Lib landed 35 years ago.

Now 64, Jones comes to the Queen’s Hall on 31 May to promote new album Transform, which takes him back to his roots.

When Human’s Lib came out in 1985, Howard did more than just compete with his fellow artists.

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He dominated airwaves and charts with 10 Top 40 singles in three years, songs like New Song, What Is Love? and Like To Get To Know You Well.

“All the hits have been upgraded and brought into the sound of the new album,” he promises.

Transform is released on 10 May.

Howard Jones, Queen’s Hall, Clerk Street, 31 May, £19.50-£39.50, 0131-668 2019

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