Meet Edinburgh’s witches with local psychic Euan Irvine

LOCAL medium Euan Irvine was aware of his psychic abilities from an early age.
Ewan IrvineEwan Irvine
Ewan Irvine

Consequently he understands that, sometimes, truth is stranger than fiction.

This Fringe, in Tales of the Condemned, he takes a look back at Scotland’s darker history and delves into the lives of a few Scottish folk whose fates were sealed by being accused of witchcraft, including Scotland’s busiest witch, the Corstorphine witch in the bell tower, the witch that killed a cow, the Lady of Lawers and the last witch standing.

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Hear why Edinburgh’s townspeople said that if there was ever a witch worthy of her neighbours fears and accusations, it was Agnes Finnie of Potterrow.

Irvine, who has appeared on TV programmes such as Most Haunted Live, says, “I am so pleased to be able to tell these stories in my own city, where the Witches Well, a cast iron fountain and plaque, sits at the bottom of the castle esplanade.

“It is easy to miss, but it is a plaque that honours the Scottish women who were burned at the stake between the 15th and 18th century.

“In fact, more women were burned at this actual site than anywhere else in Scotland.

“Tales of the Condemned, which takes place at the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, Palmerston Place, until 14 August is a talk that will show truth can often be stranger than fiction.”