Music Review: DMA’s live at Usher Hall

The DMA’s have made no secret in the past of their British influences - and it really shows.
The DMA's on stage.The DMA's on stage.
The DMA's on stage.

The Aussie band has come a long way in a short time and have captured the hearts of music fans here on the other side of the world.

A rather youthful crowd was in high spirits, ardently chanting well before the Sydney-based trio of vocalist Tommy O’Dell, guitarist Matt Mason, and bass guitarist Johnny Took strutted on stage in true DMA’s fashion donning flat caps and jackets.

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Fashion aside, they let their music do the talking as the band kicked off proceedings with ‘For Now’ - also the name of their latest album.

A breathless 16-track set is to follow incorporating music from their debut album ‘Hills End’ and the equally impressive album released last year.

From the rapturous ‘Dawning’ and ‘Timeless’ to the elegance of an acoustic version of ‘The End’, the DMA’s showed why they are one of the bands to watch.

A lack of conversation from O’Dell and co only added to the depth of the music highlighting how captivated they are while performing.

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Instrumentals gives O’Dell the chance to do what can only be described as ‘dad dancing’ as he slowly sways across the stage to show his appreciation to a crowd which undoubtedly love him.

The few moments between departing and an unsurprised return seems like an age, but those who wait are treated to ‘Tape Deck Sick’ and ‘Feels Like 37’.

O’Dell gets the crowd pumped for one last hurrah wrapping a Scotland flag around him for the eagerly anticipated ‘Lay Down’ - something the crowd was in need of after this tremendous display.

As O’Dell strolls off stage, Mason and Took are left to bring proceedings to an end with an instrumental masterpiece leaving the crowd purring for more.

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With their particularly youthful fanbase, the band could be on to something special with the rise of the DMA’s showing no signs of fading.

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