Retro band play iconic venue

Midlothian band Retro Video Club rock King Tuts in GlasgowMidlothian band Retro Video Club rock King Tuts in Glasgow
Midlothian band Retro Video Club rock King Tuts in Glasgow
Local band Retro Video Club recently rocked the legendary King Tuts Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow, despite only forming around a year ago.

The Penicuik/Roslin/Edinburgh band were delighted to play the venue where Oasis were signed.

Lead singer Liam Allison (22) said: “It was magical. It has always been on the bucket list to play there.

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“I was offered to play it when I was 15, but obviously I was too young.

“It was really, really good.

“When you go up the stairs and you see everyone that’s played there, it brings home how important it is.

“I guess it is THE music club in Scotland. So to play there after a year together is just brilliant. And it’s a great scene in Glasgow. Completely different to Edinburgh. It’s just good to be there.

“The sound was magnificent. It was mobbed when we were playing. We sold out our allocation with ease.

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“Normally when bands start out it’s just their pals that come to see them.

“But it’s good to see that at our gigs more and more people we don’t know are turning up. It shows people are responding to our music.”

Liam explained where the band’s original name came from and described their sound.

He said: “The name comes from every time I went to Scales Music Shop in Newington I had to get the number eight bus and it stopped outside an old video shop. And I always thought ‘how does that make any money?’ As it just sold old VHS videos.

“So I thought it was quite an apt name.

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“As for our sound, I would say that if Catfish and the Bottlemen and the View had a child it would sound like us.

“I certainly think there is a gap in the market for that sound.

“We are just regular working class laddies and I think that’s kind of missing at the moment. Obviously Oasis were the biggest example of that. And I think that is missing now.

“There are not any other bands singing about real life. Everything is a bit too polished and conformist.

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“We just sing about things we know about everyday life. So people can relate to it.”

Retro Video Club released a single last July and an EP in September, so what next for the band?

Liam said: “We are going into to record the next single in June with a July release.

“We are 90 per cent sure it’s going to be a song called Recovery.

“So we will see how that goes.

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“And we should hear about T-Break at T in the Park soon. If we get that then magic.

“The single will come out regardless but it would be nice to tie the two things in.

“We will just keep plugging away.”