Review: Impossible at the Playhouse

HOW many magicians does it take to create the Impossible? At the Playhouse this week it appears six is the magic number.

Wednesday, 16th March 2016, 5:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, 10:57 am
The Impossible team.

The Playhouse

Escapologist Jonathan Goodwin, Killer Magic’s Chris Cox and former young magician of the year Ben Hart have merged talents with hip-hop conjurer Magical Bones, grand illusionist Josephine Lee and Cirque du Soleil’s Lee Thompson to produce a combination of the extraordinary and the unexpected.

Following its successful West End run, Impossible features many of the classic magic routines although a unique ‘Is-this-your-card reveal’ following a back flip through a shower of playing cards is an impressive upgrade by street magician Bones.

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Ben Hart

Thompson, however, keeps his ‘slicing the lady in half’ old school by way of the blade box illusion, yet it still delivers and continues to baffle. Much of the close up trickery, and there is a fair bit, is best viewed on the big screen.

Impossible is big on audience participation and a constant stream of willing volunteers are randomly selected to be part of the action.

All are happy to have their pockets picked, their strength tested or be teleported across the stage as part of Hart’s spectacular act one finale.

Whilst all the cast are all fine purveyors of their craft, it is Goodwin and Cox who are the standouts.

Ben Hart

The multi-mind controlling talents and infectious delivery of Cox inject a welcome splash of humour to the evening, but it is daredevil Goodwin’s re-enactment of Houdini’s straight jacket escape, suspended mid air, upside down and then set alight, that gives Impossible the collective gasp it deserves.

Run ends Saturday