Ride the Wave: Trailer revealed for film on Hebridean surfing sensation

A spectacular trailer has been released for a new film depicting a Hebridean surfing sensation’s bid to conquer one of the biggest cold water waves in the world.

By Brian Ferguson
Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 2:36 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th October 2021, 4:49 pm
The new documentary movie will follow the exploits of Hebridean surfer Ben Larg.

Ben Larg was just 14 when he tackled the 30 ft high waves that break off Mullaghore Head in County Sligo in Ireland.

Director Martyn Robertson’s film Ride the Wave, which was nearly four years in the making, follows Larg from the windswept white beaches of his native tiree to surfing hotspots around the world.

The film also portraits Ben’s life with his family - sisters Robyn and Lily, and parents Marti and Iola - as they run a waterports business from a beach hut on Tiree, including their decision to take him out of school after he is bullied.

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Ride the Wave is getting its international premiere this weekend at the London Film Festival, which describes the film as a “heartfelt family portrait.”

Its programme states: “Ben’s parents feel their way through the delicate ebb and flow of encouragement and stepping back, as Ben follows his dreams.”

Robertson said: “My hope is that the film will have resonance not only with the niche market of the global surfing community, but will also speak to parents, and in a variety of different ways.

"The path and choices that this family have made will spark mixed responses and this in turn will generate interest in the film and the complex themes it touches on of parenting and growing up.”

Speaking in an interview with The Scotsman earlier this year, Larg said: “I think I was on a surfboard for the first time when I was two and probably started surfing every day when I was six or seven.

"I took part in my first competition in Thurso when I was 10 and entered the Scottish championships the year after that.

“It’s just a brilliant feeling catching and riding waves. Every time time you catch a good wave you want to catch a better one.

“When you think of surfing you normally think of Hawaii or somewhere like that. But Tiree’s a brilliant place to learn - the waves are so good you can basically go surfing every day. It’s a great training ground for anyone who wants to start.”

Ben Larg's exploits as a rising international surfing star at the focus of the documentary Ride the Wave.