Second 'Banksy' artwork mysteriously appears on same Edinburgh street

A second piece of art that bears the trademark of world-renowned anonymous graffiti artist Banksy has appeared in an Edinburgh close.

The new image depicting a hooded figure carrying a green ring has been spotted on a close wall in Bernard Street, Leith.

It is not known whether the image is meant to be symbolic of the recent Hong Kong protests or carries any other political connotations.

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Possible Banksy artwork appears in Edinburgh city centre
The hooded figure has appeared on a close wall on Bernard Street

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    The earlier image shows a man wearing a top based on the EU flag who appears to be holding a bouquet of flowers.

    Despite worldwide acclaim, Banksy remains anonymous, which has helped heighten the buzz around his work.

    There has been no confirmation on whether the two designs off Bernard Street are authentic Banksy creations or have been carried out by a copycat artist.

    This was the first 'Banksy' image to appear in the Leith street in May