Stand-up comedian Jamie wants to be your blind designated driver

Jamie MacDonaldJamie MacDonald
Jamie MacDonald
BLIND stand-up comedian Jamie Macdonald tours his critically acclaimed show, Designated Driver, for the first time this Spring, pulling in at the Gilded Balloon’s Rose Street Theatre along the way.

Let Macdonald be your driver this April as he takes his debut solo tour for a spin.

Hear a host of irreverent, hilarious stories from the funnyman you really don’t want driving you home.

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Macdonald has found that being blind allows him to extract comedy from lesser explored areas; like the jealousy he feels towards laboratory mice with 20/20 vision, and the humiliating range of clothing and accessories sold by the RNIB.

It’s topical humour with a disabled slant, charming, disarming, eye-opening comedy.

Jamie Macdonald, Gilded Balloon, Rose Street Theatre, 7.30pm £10

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