Through The Years bridges the gap

BRIDGE Over Troubled Water, Mrs Robinson, The Sound of Silence, and Scarborough Fair, just a few of the songs Simon and Garfunkel entranced audiences with over the decades.
Simon and Garfunkel: Through The YearsSimon and Garfunkel: Through The Years
Simon and Garfunkel: Through The Years

At the Festival Theatre next week, a new tribute show, Simon and Garfunkel: Through The Years, combines live performances of the Sixties duo’s hits with filmed interviews of the original artistes in a celebration of their legacy.

Featuring all the favourite songs, Through The Years is described by its producer Michael Taylor as “both moving and powerful”.

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“Incredible live performances are bound together with delightfully-produced audio visual footage of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel,” he explains.

“It tells the story of two high school chums who went on to record truly iconic songs which proved to be the sound track to the Sixties.”

As well as introducing original movie footage and intriguing filmed interviews with the pair, the production features narration taken from the Victoria Kingston book Simon and Garfunkel – The Definitive Biography. “Simon and Garfunkel Through the Years stars the duo’s incredible songbook,” adds Taylor, “featuring a succession of million sellers.”

Written and performed by Bookends, Paul and Art’s delicate harmonies are delivered in deliciously authentic style.

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“Their performance is stage show perfection,” promises Taylor. “A masterpiece in music, performance art and entertainment. Ease your mind and book your seats for this authoritative, audio visual delight now,” he concludes.

Simon & Garfunkel: Through The years, Festival Theatre, Nicolson Street, next Thursday, 7.30pm, £25.50, 0131-529 6000

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