Avengers: Endgame fans left fuming after Edinburgh Cineworld screen breaks down during midnight showing

Fans have waited what has felt like a lifetime for the new Avengers film to hit the big screens.
Cineworld fans were left fumingCineworld fans were left fuming
Cineworld fans were left fuming

But movie-goers in Edinburgh were left fuming after a 'technical problem' halted a midnight showing at a Cineworld cinema in Edinburgh on Wednesday evening.

Fans have taken to social media and have contacted the Edinburgh Evening News directly to voice their displeasure after the 'projector stopped working' leading to the showing being cancelled.

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It is thought that due to technical issues, the screening was put back by over an hour, before patient viewers were told that it would not be going ahead at all.

Cineworld has now confirmed that refunds and complimentary tickets will be offered to the affected customers.

Jamie Dunn wrote on Twitter: "Well this is an epic cockup, @cineworld. If you can’t screen the film, can you make an announcement and let us go to bed #avengersendgame"

Liam Tait asked: "Hey @cineworld , In Edinburgh this evening the projector stopped working prior to Endgame starting. Can you confirm if more screenings of Endgame could be added to accommodate the customers who will not be able to book tickets till after the weekend as most are sold out?"

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One lady contacted the Evening News to say that her two sons were left in tears after the showing was cancelled.

One customer, called Iain on Twitter, praised the way Cineworld staff dealt with the disruption: "@cineworld just wanna day your staff in Edinburgh dealing with the technical difficulties at Endgame like absolute pros, so helpful and friendly."

Connor Cosmo Lawlor wrote: "Wow. Cineworld Edinburgh cancelling the midnight showing I’m in due to technical issues. Going home. Glum. Pretty much wasted an entire evening. It’s not their fault, but extremely disheartened. A full refund for tickets bought using unlimited is very lacklustre."

Cameron Howe thought the problem could be related to a prior fault on screen seven, writing: "Honestly not even surprised @cineworld Edinburgh had a breakdown tonight. Oh... And can we guess what screen it was??? I'm angry and I saw it in IMAX tonight. Fix screen 7 properly before you reopen it to the public. It's been broken for months it's not like you didn't know."

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A Cineworld spokesperson said: "We can confirm that last night’s screening of Avengers: Endgame was disrupted due to a technical issue in our screen. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and have offered refunds and complimentary tickets to those affected. We would like to thank our customers for their co-operation and look forward to welcoming them back to the cinema."

If you were affected by the cancellation, let us know on Facebook or Twitter.